about sanford


Sanford is New Zealand’s largest integrated fishing and aquaculture business, operating approximately 47 vessels and 210 aquaculture farms.

In locations throughout New Zealand, we harvest, farm, process, store and market beautiful New Zealand seafood, bringing the best our oceans have to offer to our customers in Aotearoa, and across the world.

We’re proud of our heritage, and excited about our future. With a vision to be the best seafood company in the world, we continually strive to improve every aspect of our business. Sustainability and innovation are at the heart of everything we do; we operate with uncompromising care and respect for our pristine ocean resource.

Watch Our Story


150 years ago, Albert Sanford fished for snapper in the waters near his home on Rakino Island in the Hauraki Gulf. He sold his kauri-smoked snapper directly from his boat, moored by the old Queen Street Wharf. The demand for his snapper grew steadily, and in 1881 Albert Sanford obtained a building in Federal Street to market his fish from. In the early 1900s Sanford Limited was officially formed and we embarked on an expansion that would eventually make Sanford the largest seafood company in New Zealand, which we remain to this day.

Our Values

At Sanford, we believe in achieving together through care, passion and integrity.

We encourage, respect and value the contributions of every one of our team members. We utilise the talents of everyone to deliver the best outcomes across our business, and we actively build positive partnerships across the organisation and wider stakeholder community.



Sanford is focused on the future. We work to add value for our consumers and stakeholders, and to protect our precious natural resources. Sanford plays a leading role investigating, trialling and implementing new aquaculture and harvesting technologies, both in-house and with industry partners across a range of significant initiatives. We believe that opportunities to improve and innovate can come from anyone and we actively encourage our team to share their ideas.


Sustainability sits at the heart of our business. It is fundamental to our connection with New Zealand, the growth of our business, and the future of or industry. Sanford makes sustainable choices across our operation, from recycling to minimising our use of fuel, electricity and water, to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. Economic, social and environmental sustainability are embedded in our core business strategy.