what we do


We share the natural goodness of our oceans with uncompromising care.

Sanford is more than your average fishing company. Our team of over 1500 people are involved in everything from deep sea fishing, onshore processing, mussel and salmon farming, to business support, innovation and environmental roles that enable the seamless running of our business, and ensure the sustainable future of our industry and environment.


Sanford is one of New Zealand’s largest commercial fishing quota holders. From our bases in Auckland and Timaru, our inshore and deepsea vessels operate year-round and can be found anywhere from Cape Reinga to the Ross Sea. We catch, process and package our seafood product onboard our vessels.

Our inshore vessels are at sea for two weeks at a time, while our deepsea vessels can be at sea for up to 12 weeks. Our fishing operations are supported by expert vessel and operations manager, engineering and quota management advisors, and health & safety, environmental and human resources specialists.


Aquaculture is the breeding, raising and harvesting of seafood using farming methods. Sanford’s aquaculture farms are managed using sustainable practices to protect our stunning marine environments.

Our mussels are grown in four main regions – Marlborough, Golden Bay/Tasman Bay, Coromandel and Stewart Island. After harvesting, we process our mussels in our Havelock and Blenheim facilities to sell fresh or frozen, or turn them into innovative supplements for our local and international markets.

Our salmon farms are in Big Glory Bay on Stewart Island. We produce salmon all year round and prepare it for our domestic and global customers at our salmon processing factory in Bluff. Our salmon hatcheries in Kaitangata and Waitaki is where our salmon start their lives in our salmon breeding programme.

"Every day is different, every hour for that matter. It gets under your skin and you can't let it go" - Kim O'Brien, Skipper

Meet the San Enterprise Team

Heading out to sea for up to six weeks, the San Enterprise team catches, processes and packs the best quality seafood for export markets. Come behind the scenes and experience life aboard this incredible deep sea fishing vessel.


We have several processing sites in New Zealand – you’ll find us processing wild catch fish, farmed mussels or salmon in Auckland, Havelock, Timaru and Bluff.

Here, our seafood is carefully prepared and packaged, ready to be enjoyed by people all around the world. Our processing teams prepare beautiful New Zealand seafood for local and overseas customers including restaurants and supermarkets as far away as Asia, Europe and the United States.

Office, Retail and Hospitality

Supporting our extensive operation takes a team of talented people across a wide range of functions, including Supply Chain, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Sustainability & Environmental, Engineering, Health, Safety & Wellbeing, People & Culture and Information Technology.

Our sales, retail and hospitality teams based in Auckland and Melbourne strive to bring our beautiful seafood to dinner plates, supermarkets, restaurants throughout New Zealand, and across the world.

Sanford and Sons, our vibrant retail fish market, is open 7 days with a team of passionate customer services and sales professionals who ensure that Kiwis can enjoy the best of what our country produces.


Sanford has a proud history of innovation, from developing innovative new products to researching and implementing new technologies in seafood harvesting and production.

We use Precision Seafood Harvesting (PSH), a revolutionary fishing technology device that greatly increases protection of small and non-target fish (bycatch) and allows fish to be landed in perfect condition. The correct size and species can be selected while small fish and non-target fish can swim free and unharmed through ‘escape portals’ before they are brought onboard.

We collaborate with industry partners pioneer natural, selective breeding of spat (baby mussels) so New Zealand can grow the best mussels in the world.

Sanford Bioactives is our new marine extracts and innovation centre under construction in Blenheim. It will produce high value nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and ingredient products. Through technology, research and applied science the Sanford Bioactives team will lead Sanford into a more diversified, optimised and sustainable future.

Sustainability and Environment

We understand our environmental, economic and social choices have an impact, now and in the future. The focus areas of our sustainability team are aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and local industry aligned priorities.

Sanford is proud to be a part of a fishing industry in New Zealand that is leading the world in innovation and technology, ensuring our pristine marine environment will be bountiful for generations to come.